PathQuest Qbank provides superior passage rates for Board examinees

The Board Exam..! Even the best prepared Pathology residents dread it. What will be on MY boards? Everyone wants to know. Will my time at the grossing bench make a difference? What about my blood bank or micro rotations, hematopathology? There's a lot of heme, right? Will my good (or bad) performance on the RISE make any difference? I hear it's correlated with the Boards.


Don't worry, we've got you covered. While no preparation service can guarantee passage, PathQuest Qbank was strategically designed to fill in the gaps. Nothing can replace reading, experiencing, understanding, and making decisions during residency, but PathQuest Qbank will provide you with anything your residency program may have missed.


How can we be so confident in our subscribers? Since our launch in 2017-18, we have received requests for our money-back guarantee from only 8.2% of our subscribers. By inference, this means 91.8% of our subscribers passed their examinations! Even considering the rare 1-2 subscribers per year who failed their ABP boards but forgot to request a money-back guarantee refund (really, what Pathology resident is going to leave $200+ on the table?), these numbers leave the PathQuest Qbank subscriber pass rate comfortably above 90%.


So 91.8% of PathQuest Qbank subscribers pass, so what? Let's look at the numbers.


Pathology Board pass rates, 2019 (latest year publicly available)

AP: 79%

CP: 81%


Pathology Board pass rates, 2018

AP: 85%

CP: 91%


BoardVitals Qbank subscriber pass rates, 2014-2015 (latest years publicly available, souce: BoardVitals)

Overall: 74.2%


Now, we don't want to be unfair to our biggest competitor. While they state they conduct annual surveys on board passage rates, we could not find data on their board passage rates from 2016 onward. Maybe they did not have time to publish it for Pathology since they are focused on so many other specialties. So to allow comparison of apples to apples, let's look at the 2014 and 2015 Board pass rates.


Pathology Board pass rates, 2014

AP: 80%

CP: 81%


Pathology Board pass rates, 2015

AP: 79%

CP: 85%


In the context of these numbers, it looks like a 74.2% overall pass rate is nothing much for BoardVitals to brag about...How is their pass rate LOWER than pass rates for the AP and CP exams? To be fair, this is probably due to selection bias: examinees who feel less well prepared are going to be more likely use Qbanks and other study materials, and unfortunately are going to be less likely to pass. It is possible BoardVitals truly helps examinees, although it is not demonstrably clear.


On the other hand...

PathQuest Qbank subscriber pass rates, 2018-2020

Overall: 91.8%


Not only do PathQuest Qbank subscribers perform better than BoardVitals subscribers adjusting for year-to-year examination difficulty, PathQuest Qbank subscribers perform better than overall Board examinees.


With PathQuest, you have a numerical edge from a company you can trust. We were formed exclusively and solely to provide Pathology Board examinees with the best Qbank content and to give them the best chance possible of passing their Board examinations.


We are so confident in our preparatory materials, we offer and will indefinitely stand by our 100% money-back guarantee. If we haven't helped your career, we don't want to keep your money.


What are you waiting for? Even if you are using other Qbanks or review courses, it can't hurt to add PathQuest Qbank to your study toolbox. In fact, it will likely be the best Board preparation step you ever made. Subscribe today!