Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased a subscription and need a receipt to send to my Residency/Fellowship program for reimbursement.


No problem! Send us an email at with your request and the email you want the receipt emailed to. Our payment processor will send the receipt by email to you directly.


What distinguishes PathQuest from other competing Pathology Board Exam review services?


The first organization to address Pathology Board Exam review that we're aware of and still does business today is the Osler Group. They have a good course, but it typically costs $3,000-4,000 and is limited to a few geographic locations. We wanted to create a lower cost option of comparable quality.


PathQuest was formed and is under full editorial control by active, practicing pathologists. We we were also the first online question bank for pathology (beta platform published in 2014), although BoardVitals came in a close second. Since our inception, a handful of online question bank services have become available. While they provide board review material that is factually correct, it is clear to us that their real editorial control is held either by non-pathologist physicians or by non-physicians. Their cookie-cutter approach to board review from specialty to specialty doesn't quite work for pathology; pathology isn't the same as OB/GYN or internal medicine.


Many of our question breakdowns include useful tips and insights that non-pathologist editors are not aware of. Same goes for mnemonics and useful tricks for memorizing content. PathQuest was created by best-in-breed pathologists and our content reflects this.


Further, we have advanced proprietary insight into the nature of the pathology board exam.


Going through our questions will not only help you do better on the exam, but will also help you become a better, more well-rounded pathologist.


I emailed you a few days ago and have not heard back. Are you guys alive over there?


Yes, we are alive and probably signing out cases. The slogan “For Pathologists, By Pathologists” is not a metaphor. We have rotating call for this website and some of us are better at responding than others. Please be patient.


If there is an URGENT issue, please feel free to call the number provided with your billing statement. This number should be available in the vendor description when viewing online bank statements for most banks.


How do you select question writers/contributors?


Our core editors and question writers were selected on a performance basis (USMLE Step 1 score, class ranking/GPA, etc.) because this group has the greatest proficiency and historical record in identifying relevant content and understanding tests from an examiner's perspective.


We also look to supplement our questions with contributors who have distinct experience or outlook that differs from our core content creators. We believe that true diversity comes from diversity of thought, ideas and perspective.


If you are interested in contributing, please let us know! Please feel welcome to submit a CV and a brief list of your topics of interest. We offer a modest honorarium to question contributors.


Are there any other ways to contribute to PathQuest?


Yes, we are routinely in need of photos from the gross room! Please email us for the most current list. We also offer a modest honorarium for these.


We will probably put up a Testimonials page in the future. If you enjoyed our questions and have time to drop us a line, we would love to hear about your experience.


Please also tell your colleagues, program coordinators, and program directors about us! We thrive on word of mouth. We offer special pricing for residency programs that are able to purchase from us directly.


There appears to be a typo or content error in one of your questions.


While we employ a five-stage editing process for all of our content, sometimes typos slip through the cracks or there is a scripting error. Please notify us of any typos or display irregularities you experience! Attach screenshots where possible.


We take potential content errors very seriously. If you have a concern about any content error, please do not hesitate to write us at info@pathquestqbank and inform us of your concern. Many times, concerns about errors stem from reasonable differences in opinion (for example, whether to use the U.S. or European definition for Barrett's esophagus). Any questions about content will be personally answered by a member of our staff.


If you are paying close enough attention to your studies to have questions about review material, you are probably already well on your way to passing the Pathology Board Exam. Remember, American Board of Pathology presidents have repeatedly, publicly stated that they will not include controversial or ambiguous material on the ABP exam. 


I am interested in your question bank but would like to see more. Do you have any try-before-you-buy program?


We have run free 24-hour trials in the past but some technical difficulties arose due to spamming. At our discretion, we will from time to time provide free 24-hour access. Please email us at if interested.


What are your plans for the future?


As we continue to grow our subscriber base, we will continue to add material and make updates. Our next goal is to have 1,500 complete questions, then 2,500. This will take considerable time and effort so please consider subscribing or contributing!


Once we hit a critical mass of subscribers, we will launch our Gold Review Package. We are very excited about this package because it will allow us to statistically compare performance from user to user and give each individual subscriber customized feedback and statistical probability for passing the Board of Pathology Exam. We are working on accumulating and compiling data for this package and hope to be able to offer it soon!